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  • Emulates thousands of arcade games
  • Saves favorite games
  • Provides visual effects

MAME OS X is an OS X port of the MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) emulator. It is used to emulate old arcade games such as Pacman, NBA Jam, Street Fighter, X-Men, and 1942.

In order to play games with MAME OS X you need the ROMs from the original arcade games. MAME OS X also emulates the game hardware including the microprocessor, sound chips, and graphics. MAME OS X provides a variety of useful features, such as the ability to save your favorite games, enable visual effects to accommodate gameplay, and a simple and clean interface for playing games.

MAME OS X is primarily used by people who want to replay classic arcade games. The emulator is simple and works although it does have glitches and requires that you own the original arcade game in order to emulate the ROM. MAME OS X is similar to MacMAME, which is another OS X port of MAME. Also, both of these projects have not been updated since the 2000s. But for all these faults there aren't other better options for emulating classic arcade games on OS X, which means you will have to work through the bugs that come with MAME OS X.

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Other file extensions used by MAME OS X 0.135

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.DIFMAME CHD Diff-tiedosto
.MOIMacMAME-pisteitä sisältävä tiedosto
.P: SSÄMAME-uusintatiedosto
.NVMAME NVRAM-tiedosto
.STAMAME Tallennettu tilatiedosto

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