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Spark Studio

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  • Open and edit STL files
  • Specify material and thickness
  • Adjust a wide variety of printing preferences by layer
  • Export sliced file to SD card for printing

Spark Studio is the proprietary software required for using a SparkMaker 3D printer. The program opens .STL 3D model files and prepares them for printing.

The user may make adjustments to the angle and add support. Many printing preferences may be specified by layer. Once the settings are finalized, Spark Studio can generate a .VAU sliced file. The file is saved to a SD card to be transferred to a SparkMaker printer. The desired file should be named tulosta. wow.

The SparkMaker FHD printer features fast printing speeds and high resolution. Combined with the easy-to-use Spark Studio software, the SparkMaker provides a relatively affordable 3D printing option for artists, designers, and hobbyists.

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.STL - Stereolitografiatiedosto

Other file extensions used by Spark Studio 2

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.VAUSparkMaker 3D -tulostustiedosto

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