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Q: Tarjoaako Google Chrome -laajennuksen?

A: Yes, provides a Chrome extension for the Google Chrome web browser.

File Extension Search Chrome Extension

The "File Extension Search" Chrome extension makes it easy to look up information about file extensions and related file types from the Google Chrome työkalurivi. It is a great utility to use after you download a file and want to know what it is before you open it.

Downloading the Chrome Extension

To download the Chrome extension, first make sure you are using the Chrome-selaimella, then click the download link below. The link will open the the download page in Google's Chrome Web Store.

Get the File Extension Search Chrome Extension


Versio 1.1 (47 KB) Released 10/25/2012

Installing the Chrome Extension

  1. Open the Google Chrome web browser.
  2. Click the download link above.
  3. Click the "Add to Chrome" button in the upper-right corner of the window.
  4. When prompted with the question "Add File Extension Search?", click "Add extension."

HUOMAUTUS: To uninstall the Chrome Extension, open the Extensions window. You can do this by selecting Ikkuna → Laajennukset from the menu bar. You can also manually type in "kromi: // kromi / laajennukset /"vuonna osoiteriville kuten alla:

Google Chrome Extensions Window

The Extensions page allows you deactivate or remove Chrome extensions.

Using the Chrome Extension

Once you have added the extension, a green ikoni with the letter "i" in the middle will appear in the upper-right corner in the toolbar. Simply click the icon to activate the extension. Type a file extension into the search box to look up the file extension at


  • This extension requires Google Chrome 4.0 or later


If you have any questions regarding the installation or usage of the "File Extension Search" Chrome extension, please visit the .CRX sivu tai ota yhteyttä Tiedostoon.

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